Monday, January 10, 2011

January 10, 2011 Minutes

What are you looking forward to most/least?
Yueyue, '12, president, corporate recruiting
Stephanie, '12, VP, ice skating
Henry, '11, finishing this term/thesis
Betty, '11, wine tasting class
Katherine, '13, treasurer, snow
Katie, '12, intro to engineering
Eric, '11, hanging out
Meeko, '14, freshmen rep, DCCS
Rachael, '14, winter carnival
Tina, '14, cold
Diane, '14, cold
Vince, 14, playing intramural basketball
Shangguan, 13, polar bear swim
Will, 13, playing pong and hanging out
Curtis, 14, learning how to ski
Robin, 14, finishing this term as fast as possible
Anna, 14, freshmen rep, skiing/snow
Gavin, 14, sleeping tonight
Kevin, 13, DCN
Frank, 14, fire alarm
Tim, 14, skiing PE
Emily, 14, 7:45 class
Joanne, 14, winter carnival
David, 12, being back on campus
Dennis, 12, carnival
Cody, 13, carnival
Flo, 11, movie pass, wine tasting
Duong, 11, 8am PE class
Jane, 13, uncurved physics course
Matt, 13, no science on wednesday
John, 13, renewing passport
Huan, 13, going to Boston
Alice, 13, secretary, Yueyue being president

sign up/blitz in if you'd like a meal with an exec!

- community discussion 1/26 7-8:30 collis commonground: lateral (intra-racial) oppression/discrimination-- foreign vs. american populations
- John isn't PAC rep anymore so blitz in nominations if you have someone in mind for this position (for next 2 terms)

4. DCN
- 2/19 6-8 pm in collis commonground
- play (theme: kims of oz) and student performances
- THIS wednesday 3-6 collis commonground: auditions for the play
- Asian Hip Hop crew

- collaborating with DTA
- blitz in to help out

other events this term:
Boston Trip (based on attendance)
Lunar New Year celebration (first week of February)
Hot Pot event
movie night (suggestions welcome)
and others to come!

Blitz DCCS if you want to be put on the social list/if you have a song for song of the week!

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