Monday, November 8, 2010

November 8, 2010 Minutes

1. Icebreaker
What is your favorite fusion food or, if you could fuse two foods what would it be?
Duong, 11, French and Cambodian
John, 13, PAC rep, fusion bread
Alice, 13, Secretary, ice cream cake
Hilary, 11, chicken with cream of corn on rice
Nikolay, 12, eats everything
Corbin, 12, horse meat and naan
Eric, 11, salmon roe and vanilla ice cream
Qian, 13, mango shrimp salad
Ben, 14, French bread Vietnamese sandwiches
Anna, 14, orange chicken and french fries
Kiko, 14, freshman rep, banana and chocolate
Emily, 14, freshman rep, ice cream noodles
Robin, 14, lots of pho
Katherine, 13, any iron chef creation
Meeko, 14, sushi and popcorn
Stephanie, 12, Treasurer, italian/chinese fusion
Dan, grad student, California Tortilla in DC
Uthman, 11, fortune cookie and strawberries
Gavin, 14, double down and frapuccino
Yueyue, 12, VP, steak and pie
Tomi, 08, almond jelly and ice cream/gelato
Flo, 11, President, fried wonton with sweet dessert filling

2. Legacies Recap
Congrats to Katherine and Nikolay on a successful event! Awesome performances, free food for undergrads. Next year, it's possible that we can start giving out food later so that we can keep people there for the full time.

3. Upcoming Events
A. PAC community Dinner-- Wed, 11/10 from 6-7:30 in Collis Commonground, free food, dinner discussion and keynote speaker, open to campus, Dr. Belinda Chu '98 "Shattering the Glass Ceiling"
B. Wong fu Productions-- This Friday 11/12 6-9PM Collis Commonground!
C. Dinner Discussion with NAD-- next Monday from 7:00-9:00 PM at the Native American House, instead of our regular meeting we're going to have a dinner discussion with Native Americans at Dartmouth-- there's going to be food (fried bread and food from the Gas Station)
D. Bubble Tea Fundraiser-- 11/16 next Tuesday 9:00-11:00PM, blitz in if you can prepare bubble tea or sell at Novack!
E. Career Panel-- 11/20 3PM Rocky002, 6 alumni will come to campus from different career backgrounds to talk to us about their experiences, come and meet them!
F. Hotpot Social-- 11/20 12-3PM location TBA

4. Exec Meals-- sign up to eat with us!

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