Monday, November 1, 2010

November 1, 2010 Minutes

1. Icebreaker
What was your favorite party of homecoming weekend?
Flo, '11, President, making Duong's tin-man costume
John, '13, PAC rep, bonfire
Katherine, '13, Legacies co-chair, when the '14s rushed the field
Duong, '11, Friday night seeing Flo dancing with some guy
Vicky, '11, seeing some guy dance up on Duong
Ben, '14, all nighter after running 114 laps
Gavin, '14, not remembering homecoming and reading
Robin, '14, spent Friday night with closest friends playing games
Allison, '11, watching the fire
Qian, '13, going to Boston but saw the webcam broadcast of the fire
Gabby, sleeping four hours total
Anna, '14, rock climbing
Kiko, '14, Freshman rep, high school friends visiting
Kevin, '13, seeing friends doing crazy things
Xiaolu, '11, boyfriend
Corbin, '12, don't remember
Nikolay, '12, Legacies co-chair, cognac
Tim, '14, 114 laps and having upperclassmen cheer
Frank, '14, kicked some guy's ass
Steph, '12, Treasurer, losing voice yelling at '14s
Yueyue, '12, VP, holding table til 7AM
Alice, '13, Secretary, watching Cody draw on an alum's face

2. Dumpling Fundraiser
we made $121 this past Tuesday-- we sold all our dumplings which was awesome!

3. Upcoming Events
a. PAC Update
- wednesday 11/3, 6-7 course selection Q&A for '14s
- karaoke event with SoHK on friday from 7-11
- shanti celebrating diwali on sunday from 3:30 (prayer), 5:30 lighting the green followed by dinner-- to volunteer, blitz shanti
- wong fu productions coming up on 11/12, 6-8 in commonground, 8-9 meet and greet
- ICC mixer "speed friending" and social barriers-- 6-8 on thursday 11/4 in one wheelock
- 11/10-- 6-7:30 "shattering the glass ceiling" PAC community dinner-- asian americans in leadership roles
b. Bone Marrow Registry
- Dartmouth College Cancer Society today (7-11PM in novack) and tomorrow (10am-2pm in collis, 7-11PM novack)
- asians are really underrepresented in the registry so please register!
- simple cheek swab, 5-10 minutes tops of your time
c. Legacies!!!
- 11/6 5-8PM free for undergrads, $5 for community members
- biggest event of the year
- four great inventions
- more volunteers to set up
- set up starts 12 noon in commonground (pizza if you come)

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