Monday, October 18, 2010

October 18, 2010 Minutes

1. Icebreaker
What is your favorite baked good?
Flo, '11, president, fruit tarts
Nozomi, '11, apple crisp
Steph, '12, treasurer, pumpkin pie
Duong, '11, no baked goods
Alice, '13, secretary, strawberry rhubarb pie
Yueyue, '12, VP, pecan pie
Rachel, '13, chocolate mousse cake
Marian, '13, apple pie & carrot cake
Emily, '14, freshmen rep, moon cakes
Frank, '14, Flo's cookies
John, '13, PAC rep, pineapple bun/sausage bun/egg tart/rhubarb shortcake
Ben, '14, brownies with ice cream
Gavin, '14, tiramisu
Meko, '14, flaky, buttery baked goods
Alissa, '12, homemade peanut butter cookies
Katherine, '13, Legacies co-chair, scones
Nikolay, '12, Legacies co-chair, none
Tim, '14, chicken pot pies
Ke, '13, apple pie
Eric, '11, banana cream cheesecake
Kiko, '14, blueberry cheesecake

2. Upcoming Events
a. Boston Trip-- this Saturday, meet at Robo 8:00 AM, we're going with DAO, check your blitz to see if you're going!
b. Fundraiser-- dumpling fundraiser, next Tuesday 10/26 at Novack; blitz in to help cook/sell! there will be two shifts spanning over 9:00-11:00 PM.
c. Legacies-- 11/6, blitz in to volunteer: set up/decorate/man booths especially if you have any talents you want to showcase!

3. PAC Update--
a. AGAPE is bringing in a speaker to campus this Sunday 6:30 PM in Collis Commonground; motivational speaker, Jason Ma, will be preaching about Christianity and rebirth so come out and support!
b. Also, James Kim's father is coming to Dartmouth this Sunday also to perform on the piano at Faulkner at 4PM.
c. Kaleidoscope (ISA's big fall term event, showcasing all the international student talent at Dartmouth): 11/13, Saturday, Collis Commonground 6:30PM; blitz John Guo if you would like to help out!
d. PAC resource room just got a new big screen TV! Robo 104-- go check it out (get key from Collis)

4. Exec Meals: blitz in if you want to get a meal with one of the execs!

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