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Old Minutes

We will be using Blogger to post meeting minutes from now on, but here are minutes from the previous "Minutes" page, preserved for posterity.

:: Minutes -- November 17, 2008

--Icebreaker: Plans for Thanksgiving break

--PAC update:
--6-7:30 "Breaking the Silence: Asian Americans and Mental Health" Josephine Kim speaking. Thursday in Collis Commonground, RSVP to PAC by Tuesday
--AGAPE dinner open to campus this Saturday from 5-8 PM in Brace Commons
--SoHK Friday @ 3-5 at CLH, Cantonese afternoon tea
--Main Street, the Asian American publication is looking for winter term submissions and ideas for themes. Send it to them if you have some!
--DAO is selling bubble tea in Thayer tomorrow from 5-7
--DAO also wants t-shirt designs for their organization.
--DJS Zen Workshop 5-6:30 at Tucker (right next to FoCo)
--Apply to Diversity Peer Program! Blitz Nora Yasumura for more info.
--Budget cuts

--Chinese school: This Friday is last for fall term, January 9th is the first class for winter term.

--Food event recap
--Thanks to everyone who showed up and helped cook, extra special props to Nikolay for shopping in Boston!

--Sunday 11/23 in Commonground
--Setup is from 3-5, event is from 5-6
--We need help making and serving tea at our booth, there's going to be a huge turnout from various Asian culture organizations.
--Each booth will have tea and snacks appropriate to the culture they represent, Cindy will be doing tea ceremony (if nobody else knows) at our booth.
--If someone wants to help make a poster about tea culture/history in China, please do!

--Coming Soon
--Send in nominations for every position except for PAC rep.
--If you're running for any position except for freshman rep, it would be preferable to be on for the next two terms.

No meeting next week because of CDT/SHEBA performance.

Cindy '10: Staying in Hanover
Angel '10: Going home to Miami
Stephanie '12: Was supposed to go skiing in Colorado, but instead going to Florida
Xiaolu '12: Staying in Hanover :)
Megan '12: Going to New York
Sehwan '12: Going to Florida
Tom '11: Wasting away in Margaritaville (Hanover)
Emily '11: Staying in Hanover
Tony '11: Staying on Campus
Shinkyu '12: Going to NYC
Michael '12: Staying here
Sam '11: Massachusetts
Qianqian '11: Providence
Flo '11: Going home to NJ and shop
Vicky '11: Going to NYC with roommates
Duong '11: Going to Boston
Hillary '11: Nashua
Max '12: Chicago
Sam '12: No idea
Martin '11: Making two ducks in Hanover
Ray '10: Going to NYC
Nikolay '12: Going to Rhode Island
Eric '11: Cutting class next week and going to NYC/NJ
Lawton '10: Going home to NYC
Janet '12
Alyssa '12
Roy '12

:: Minutes -- November 10, 2008

Icebreaker: Read the fortune in your cookie and add "in bed" to the end.

--Legacies Recap: It was AWESOME! Props to Hillary and Eric. If you didn't come to the meeting, you missed out on the slide show. Blitz pictures to Xiaolu.

--Food event
-1 to 3 PM, cooking starts at noon
-If you want to sign up, blitz into the account
-Budget of $280

-Sunday, Nov. 23 with DTA, DJS, KSA, lots of people
-Booths with tea, snacks, and cultural info
-We'll blitz out about getting people to attend our booth
-Snack ideas anyone? We have a budget of $75.

--Potential Events
-We got a blitz from Michael Lewis '11 about an event where he presents his research regarding his experiences in Beijing working for NBC during the Olympics, approached us about sponsoring it.
-Most likely for winter term.
-Eliot Chang is still approaching us about a comedy event.

-Elections coming up soon, every position except PAC rep is up, so that includes:
Two freshman reps
We need lots of participation from 11's and 12's! Every position is two terms, except for freshman reps, which is one-term, although you can run again. You MUST attend at least three meetings to vote.

Cindy Guo '10: "You will have many friends when you need them."
Angel Castillo '10: "You will sleep well at night."
Stephanie Pignatiello '12: "In God we trust, all others must pay cash."
Xialou Li '12: "Avert misunderstanding by calm, poise, and balance."
Janet Hui '12: "All your hard work will soon pay off."
Roy Tian '12: "An empty stomach is not a good political advisor."
Tony Mou '11: "Versatility is one of your outstanding traits."
Emily '11: "Culture and customs of China attract you."
Thomas Tao '11: "Your charming smile is attracting everyone around you."
Eric Hsu '11: "Strong and bitter words indicate a weak cause."
Max Wu '12: "You're going to take a trip to seaside."
Nikolay '12: Same as Xiaolu
Sam Hui '12: "You will have a pleasant trip."
Michelle Ting '10: "Don't be hasty, prosperity will knock on your door."
Yueyue Guo '12: Same as Tony.
Qianqian Zhao '11: "Every man is a volume if you know how to read him."
Sam Lloyd '11: "People find it difficult to resist your persuasive manner."
Vicky '11: "You are a bundle of energy, always on the go."
Flo '11: "You will have a fine capacity for the enjoyment of life."
Hillary '11: "You have inexhaustible wisdom and power."

:: Minutes -- November 03, 2008

--Icebreaker: Never have I ever (TOO HOT FOR MEETINGS! You missed out if you didn't come!)

--Boston Slideshow: Basically, you all missed out again. Deal with it.

--PAC Update
--Most of the meeting was spent telling PAC reps how important they are
--Tomorrow is the election watch party hosted at Cutter Shabazz by the African American society
--This Friday at 3 PM Students of Hong Kong is having Cantonese afternoon tea with dim sum

--This Saturday!!!
--If you don't know what it is by know, come on! Hong Kong, Beijing, Sichuan, and Shanghai all represented with little food items that we bought in Boston, so come for the tasty treats!
--Set up is 12-4, Cooking from 12-6, tabling from 4-8
--Tabling to sell tickets in Collis and Thayer (see previous blitz!)
--Apply for SIPS funding to make it into a Floortivity!

--Food Event
--The week AFTER Legacies (the fun just don't stop!)
--We have the CLH booked from 1-3PM
--We'll blitz about cooking and shopping soon enough.

--ICC Letter
--ICC blitzed out to orgs looking for student input about what they were looking for in the next president
--Our ideas:
PSC Questions
1) What qualities would you like to see in the next President?
-has shown a commitment to diversity and multiculturalism
-promotes understanding and tolerance of different cultures
-ability to communicate effectively with student orgs and the general campus
-will pay equal attention to smaller academic departments, such as those focused on cultural aspects

2) What major changes would you like to see in Dartmouth's future? Short-term and Long-term?
-more campus participation in cultural events
-tolerance of traditions, styles of dress, other displays of culture that may seem "different"
-dedication to actually understanding cultures and reducing discrimination
-system set up to deal with acts of intolerance that occur

3) What would you like to see preserved in Dartmouth's future? What makes Dartmouth unique?
-ability to create new student groups on campus
-funding for organizations to hold events, both small and large
-availability of advisors to specific student populations
-support and quick response of many diverse organizations in instances of intolerance

--SoHK Cantonese Afternoon Tea
--As mentioned above, Friday at 3 at CLH, not going to a Cantonese language event, but just food, tea, music, and hanging out. --Other things
--Third annual First Nations week, we will blitz out about what events will happen soon, and we should try and support their events since the NAD community has pitched in and helped the Asian community before.

--Poster-making ensued.

Cindy Guo '10
Angel Castillo '10
Ray Leung '10
Xiaolu Li '12
Stephanie Pignatiello '12
Florence Ling '11
Duong Pham '11
Sam Lloyd '11
Sam Hui '12
Shin kyu Park '12
Max Wu '12
Tony Mou '11
Michelle Ting '10
Erin Gu '09
Hillary Cheng '11
Eric Hsu '11
Lawton Leung '10
Raina Lin '11
Qianqian Wang '11
Shan Shan He '12
Megan Ji '12
Will Jain '11

(Angel was the first one out for Never Have I Ever. Michelle, Cindy, and Erin were next. Lawton scored the combo by knocking out Sam and Max at the same time.)

Anonymous: "So [according to the results of this game] I am a slut and I am poor."

:: Minutes -- October 27, 2008

-Icebreaker: What is your favorite Halloween memory? Scroll down to find out!

-Pong tourney recap
- Lots of fun and pizza and pink lemonade
-Ava Guo and Steven Fang won, second place Kevin Dinh and Yoonki Park

-Boston Trip
-This Saturday
-Lunch with Harvard, MIT, and possibly BU Chinese Culture clubs at Fire and Ice (a Mongolian barbecue restaurant), reservation is 12:45, which means we get into Boston by noon, which means everyone is ready to leave by 9.
-Dinner with at least four Dartmouth alumni

-NEXT Saturday
-One of our biggest cultural events
-Theme is the different geographical regions of China: Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, and Sichuan, arranged in a compass-type pattern
-Each booth will have information about the areas and different foods.
-Sign up to help table so we can coerce people into buying tickets
-Freshmen: Tell your floormates to come! Make it a floortivity!
-We also need people working in the kitchen for making all the different things and helping to keep the food from the Orient warm

-Food event
-Buy stuff for that in Boston
-Saturday the 15th (tentatively)
-Sign up if you want to help cook for that, and suggest food items!

-Tea house
-DTA is the engineer of this project
-Tentative date is Sunday, November 23rd
-PAC may or may not have a dinner that weekend, so it's very tentative

Side notes: Chinese Language Club meets every Saturday at 6:30 PM! Blitz CLC for more info.

PAC proposing ice cream social/discussion forum for 12's regarding picking classes.

Cindy Guo '10 - In middle school, a friend had a Halloween costume party with themed candy and punch.
Angel Castillo '10 - Winning costume contests with homemade costumes in elementary school
Stephanie Pignatiello '12 - Going trick-or-treating with friends in one of their dad's cars, and trick-or-treating a Krispy Kreme, and getting six free donuts
Xiaolu Li '12 - When she turned 16, she was cut off from trick-or-treating, so she got a cliché cat costume, and kept giving candy to this young boy who kept coming back to her house because she was a "cute kitty"
Alyssa Eisenberg'12 - Hot apple cider and caramel apples from one house on a particularly cold Halloween
Janet Hui '12 - Never allowed to trick or treat, went for the first time last year
Chen Huang '12 - Mom didn't let her go trick-or-treating either, passed out candy at a friend's house one year
Thomas Tao '11 - Always scared of people tainting candy
Emily Chang '11 - Her parents got a lot of candy for kids who weren't really there, she got to keep the candy.
Tony Mou '11 - Don't have many good memories, so he liked getting candy from DCCS
Shinkyu Park '12 - In China in 7th grade, went trick-or-treating with friends
James Ning '10 - Doesn't like candy too much, it was a girl's 16th birthday, so she went to a party where he had a good time talking.
Raina Lin '11 - Carnival in her home city
Ava Guo '09 - Trick-or-treating with neighborhood friends, knocked on an old man's door, responded to the question of "trick or treat" with "trick", so they egged his house
Qianqian Zhao '11 - Friends were spending 10 minutes trick-or-treating at one house where the guy insisted on taking footage of the trick-or-treaters
Ray Leung '10 - First Halloween memory was trick-or-treating in his grandmother's suburban neighborhood
Hillary Cheng '11 - Halloweens where it was warm
Martin Liu '11 - Every Halloween is a wonderful time for him, loves to tell kids with a smile that he's run out of candy.
Yueyue Guo '12 - Friends and her decided to egg and TP the house of one of her teachers.
Duong Pham '11 - Hid in boxes outside the front door and would jump out, made a little girl spill all her candy.
Florence Ling '11 - Her, her sister and some of her friends went TOT'ing, went to a house where they left a candy on a scarecrow, the scarecrow jumped up at them.
Sarah Seng '11 - Junior year of high school, friends dressed up as tinfoil burritos so they could get free burritos at Chipotle.
Michelle Ting '10 - Doesn't like holidays that are excuses to eat
Lawton Leung '10 - Distinctly remembers dressing up as Batman when he was six and her sister was Barney, dad videotaped them playfighting, also dressed as the red ranger another year, ran so fast he tripped.
Eric Hsu '11 - In high school he hazed the freshmen on the cross-country team and had a party afterwards.
Maximillian Wu '12
Sam Lloyd '11

:: Minutes -- October 20, 2008

-Icebreaker: What is the best birthday present you’ve ever gotten? SCROLL DOWN TO FIND OUT!

-Exec Meals: Singupmania running wild!

-PAC update
--This Friday at 6PM is ISA’s Kaleidoscope, tickets are on sale!
--DAO is selling bubble tea tomorrow in the Thayer lobby from 5 to 7PM
--Possible potluck dinner?
--ASEANO and KSA are planning dinner discussions.
--DJS Pan-Asian karaoke weekend coming up.
--MILAN/Vandana wants dancers/volunteers for a Diwali celebration show.
--DJS Movie night: they’ll be showing Ping-Pong, a live-action comedy film.
--Inter-Community Council drafted a letter to provide input on the Dartmouth presidential search, all students are implored to provide ideas to help with that. Blitz to PAC.

-Pong tourney
--This Friday at 5PM at Epsilon Kappa Theta
--NO ALCOHOL INVOLVED. Ix-nay on the ooze-bay.
--Freshman will be paired up with upperclassmen, gender will be mixed (preferably).
--$5 for pizza
--Prize for the top teams.
--Cooperative event with DAO and MILAN
--Great opportunity for interaction!
--Blitz in to us if you want to sign up and didn’t at the meeting!

-Boston trip
--Saturday, November 1st
--Harvard, BU, and MIT Chinese culture clubs will be joining us for lunch, Dartmouth alums will eat with us for dinner.
--Buying supplies for Legacies from the awesome oriental mart near Chinatown.

--Kevin Dinh made us a poster! Props to him!
--We need people to help table for selling tickets.
--4 regions will be represented by booths: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, and Sichuan.
--Food, games, shows

-Food event
--Past ones include dumpling night, hot pot, scallion pancakes

-Presidential search committee
--Blitz in any ideas you have to PAC or to DCCS

-Potential events
--Comedian: We were approached by comedian Eliot Chang, a comedian with some television experience, the proposed idea would be half comedy-show, half discussion workshop about Asians in media.
--Dinner discussion: Still working on trying to fit this into the scheme of other Asian orgs having similar events.

And the meeting gave way to the eating, because there was CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE for Sam, Max, and Hillary.

Cindy Guo ’10 -- Digital SLR camera (combined birthday/Christmas present)
Angel Castillo ’10 -- Wrestling camp/ROH show
Stephanie Pignatiello ’12 -- Diamond earrings for 16th birthday
Xiaolu Li’12 -- 18th birthday: 18 days/18hrs/18seconds away from birthday surprise birthday, aunt’s husband bought her a laptop and mouse
Sam Miguel Lloyd ’11 -- Surprise birthday party in Ripley lounge
Duong Pham ’11 -- just special when he DOES get a birthday present
Sarah Seng ’11 -- Camera and DVDs
Florence Ling ’11 -- When younger, she got Sims 2.
Samuel Hui ’12 -- LIFE!
Raina Lin ’11 -- Money
Tony Mou ’11 -- A really good day
Emily Chang ’11 -- A cake
Thomas Tao ’11 -- Cash
Yueyue Guo ’12 -- Dad paid for half the price of the car her and her twin got.
Amar Siddiqui ’11 -- A green power ranger
Qianqian Zhao ’11 -- Little sister baked for her
Max Wu’12 -- Friends kidnapped him and did…WEIRD things to him…
Ray Leung ’10 -- Can’t think of the best one
Eric Hsu ’11 -- Girlfriend came up to visit him, gave him a pillow
Victoria Cheung ’11 -- Going to get a snowboard this year
Hillary Cheng ’11 -- Christine brought a cake for her last year a t a DCCS meeting, and then roommate threw a party for her, although she was on the blitz list about it.
Lawton Leung ’10 -- This summer, he drove to NYC to celebrate, and having his whole family around made him feel awesome
Michelle Ting ’10 -- Friends had planned a surprise birthday party, but she had to go to DHMC to get treated, went through with it anyway, Cindy made her a cake.

:: Minutes -- October 13, 2008

-Icebreaker: What tradition would you like to start for homecoming?

-Exec meal signup going 'round

-PAC Mentor program sign-up
-The program needs more mentees to sign up because there are a disproportionate amount of mentors already signed up. Blitz PAC if you want to sign up and didn't do so at the meeting.

-Need more performers! Anybody with any kind of Chinese-related talent is welcome.
-We've made a Facebook event for Legacies that you can add and send to all your Dartmouth friends!
-We need word of mouth advertisement, too! Try to suggest going to Legacies as a floor activity (or "floortivity" as Cindy calls it)

-Chinese School
Website is up and running!
Any teachers who participate, send Ray Leung your lesson plans and materials that you want to have posted.

-DCCS Website
-Props to Xiaolu for making a fantastic new website!

-November 1st, we're going to have lunch with the Harvard Chinese Culture Club (and maybe BU's club, too) at a restaurant called Fire and Ice, that requires specific reservations, so please RSVP ASAP!
-We need certified drivers!
-More people sign up than can fit in the cars, so we will decide priority based on things like meeting attendance.

-Community Committee
-Supposed to have a meeting today but nobody showed up, so please let Stephanie Pignatiello know when's the best time to meet.
-DAO Kool-aid pong coming up, location and date TBA
-Want to have a dinner discussion about East/West culture clashes, trying to figure out what specific date fits everyone's interests best.
-Relay for Life in the spring, we'll start raising money for that soon!
-Dinner at The Edgerton House on school street where groups can go volunteer to cook dinner for community members, possible Chinese meal, blitz in if you're interested!

-We want input from members about the type of events people want DCCS to put on, so we want event proposals for winter term (we especially encourage 12's to submit!). The best one will get put on!
-Suggestion submitted at the meeting: Majiang tournament, cooking at David's House (house as part of DHMC where families of sick children stay).

-Other org's events
-DJS is planning a Pan-Asian karaoke night
-DTA is planning a Pan-Asian teahouse where all Asian orgs have booths that showcase their country's different types of tea.

Cindy '10 - Gather people around bonfire after classes and have a big s'more party.
Angel '10 - Comedy Festival
Ray '10 - Filling the water balloons Eric mentions below with paint.
Qianqian '11 - Thinks we should have a pie eating contest.
Raina '11 - Wants to go off campus
James '10 - Wants to see people run barefooted and bare-chested around the fire
Xiaolu '12 - Color-changing fire
Janet '12 - Jump in the river
Tom '11 - One of the chosen should walk across the embers barefoot
Martin '11 - "Stuff the Muffin" try to stuff as many muffins in freshmen's bags as they run a race
Will '11 - Toss a Frisbee on the green during homecoming.
Tony '11 - 12 bundles of wood on top of the fire to cause a spontaneous ignition.
Duong '11 - Lay the ground with slip n' slides
Flo '11 - 12's should do EVERYTHING naked.
Max '12 - No midterms the week after homecoming
Shan Shan '12 - Wishes homecoming would be a couple of days longer.
Khai '12 - Also wants to do a s'more party
Stephanie '12 - They should make a float made out of autumn leaves ala the Rose Parade
David '11 - Barbecues using the fire
Hillary '11 - Martin should make her candied yams
Eric '11 - Water balloons and waterguns to drench the freshmen with
Lawton '10 - A glow in the dark suit for every freshmen so they can't steal the glow necklaces

:: Minutes -- October 6, 2008

--Icebreaker: Something interesting you’ve learned this term. Scroll down to see!

--PAC Update
-Pan Asian Council : Umbrella organization of all Asian orgs on campus, helps coordinate stuff, each org has a representative.
-PAC Resource room is in Robinson Hall has movies and books, is a good hangout space.
-There is a mentoring program taking place through PAC to link upperclassmen with underclassmen, blitz Ava Guo.
-Open House for OPAL from 4-6 tomorrow, OPAL Office (right next to Collis 212

-Social: Boston Trip (Nov. 1), Dumpling nights, Members-only activities
-Community: Kool-Aid Pong tourney with other PAC group members, Chinese school: teaching small kids Chinese language and culture (blitz James Ning)
-Legacies: Nov. 8th in Commonground, theme is a tour of China with booths representing different provinces/cities, performances on the stage every half-hour, lots of food and bubble tea, great way to get a feel of what it’s like to be a real part of DCCS, if you have any particular talent, sign up and perform! Talk to Michelle about the Chinese Dance Troop performances.

--Dinner Discussion?
-Ariel Xue ’08 brought up the idea of having a dinner discussion about the differences between Chinese/Western culture with focus on the Olympics, practices about athletes.
-Hesitant to do this since we’re not a political org, but if there’s enough membership support we’d do it in place of a meeting or on a separate date.
-Perhaps a dinner discussion from 7-8 before a meeting, or at the end of the week on a Thursday/Friday

--Freshmen Rep Elections The position is about helping to plan and put on events, great way to learn inner workings of the club, lots of things you can get involved with and make new friends! The position is on a term-by-term basis, but one can run for re-election the next term.

Congrats Xiaolu Li and Stephanie Pignatiello for winning these positions!

Eric Hsu brought cake to celebrate Wei and David’s birthdays.

Cindy Guo ’10 President - In Econ Class: 40% of Africa’s Population is in Extreme Poverty
Lawton Leung ’10 VP - In Bio Class: Learned about transfats and sysfat.
Angel Castillo ’10 Secretary - From working in Novack/drill instructing: Nobody has breakfast before going to class in the morning
Michelle Ting ’10 Treasurer - Haven’t learned anything yet
Raina Lin ’11 - An apple will explode if you drop it.
Megan Ji ’12 - Can’t think of anything
Xiaolu Li ’12 - In Integrated Martial Arts Class: How to apply a chokehold and how to escape mount position. She ALSO learned that there’s a guy’s urinal in the second floor Collis girl’s bathroom.
Cloud Jie Zhong ’12 - Has animals at home that fight in various manners (pig, dog, and cat).
Tony Mou ’11 -- Spinach can be separated into three colors via chromatography.
Thomas Tao ’11 - Zimbabwe’s inflation rate is 70 million percent.
Stephanie Chan ’12 - Chem 5: Watched a penny dissolve into a kind of brown smoke from acid.
Shinkyu Park ’12 - Acorns hurt when they fall on you.
Samuel Hui ’12 - You can’t stay awake for the whole of a certain econ prof’s lecture.
Chen Huang ’12 - You don’t’ have to pay attention in math class
Max Wu ’12 - Econ prof: Nobody finds a soul mate.
Ruotian Wang ’12 - Also in IMA: Your elbow can only take 6 pounds of pressure before it breaks.
Florence Ling ’11 - You can create cyanide gas while you’re in chem lab and it can kill flora and fauna.
Duong Pham ’11 - Charlemagne had 7 wives, 6 concubines, and one of them may have been his daughter.
Sarah Seng ’11 - Make sure your roommate knows you’re going to take a shower at 8 in the morning.
Hikaru Sulu '12 - Mix 4 liters of coke with 1.75 liters of Malibu yields an awesome cocktail
Sam Lloyd ’11 PAC Rep - You don’t have any blue color vision in the center of your eyesight.
Hillary Cheng ’11 Legacies Co-Chair - She won’t die from spilling methylene chloride on herself.
Angela Tseng ’11 - Doesn’t work well under pressure.
Khai Do Ba ’12 - The hot sauce the Collis stir-0-0fry is not all that good.
Stephanie Pignatiello ’12 - How to write "brain" in Egyptian hieroglyphics.
Jun Chen ’12 - While riding bike from River to Kemeny, finds it’s easier to make the ride back, because the college really IS on a hill!
Ray Leung ’10 - In neurobiology: Not to underestimate calcium.
Eric Hsu ’11 - They have breakfast sandwiches at Collis in the morning already prepared in the fridge.

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