Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October 11, 2010 Minutes

    I.      Icebreaker
If there was a movie that you could remake, what movie would it be?
       -       Flo, '11, president, LOTR
       -       Cody, '13, Harry Potter
       -       Huan, '13, Showgirls
       -       Duong, '11, maybe Schindler's List
       -       Alice, '13, Secretary, Mean Girls
       -       Linda, '13, Twilight series
       -       Nikolay, '12, Legacies Co-chair, Starship Troopers
       -       Tim, '14, Dark Night
       -       Kiko, '14, freshmen rep, Mulan
       -       Emily, '14, freshmen rep, The Notebook
       -       Kevin, '13, Superbad
       -       Anna, '14, The Hangover
       -       Alison, '11, Legally Blonde
       -       John, '13, PAC rep, Disney movies/Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
       -       Alex, '14, Catcher in the Rye
       -       Audrey, '14, Mean Girls
       -       Eugene, '14, Kick Ass
       -       Jerry, '14, Troy
       -       Seung, '14, Day After Tomorrow
       -       Uthman, '11, Departed, Love Actually
       -       Tony, '11, Independence Day
       -       Eric, '11, 300
       -       Melissa, '14, Pride and Prejudice
       -       Meeko, '14, Slumdog Millionaire
       -       Gavin, '14, Rush Hour
       -       Steph, '12, Treasurer, Firefly

       II.      Mid-Autumn Festival
Great food and moon cake, shows and performances! It was difficult for non-Chinese speakers to understand, but lots of people showed up.

       III.     Upcoming Events
       A.       Boston Trip-- Saturday 10/23, leaving around 8AM. We're going to have dim sum and lots of fun in the city! Limited spots, so members in good standing-- sign up! Especially if you are driver certified or have a car!!
       B.       Fundraiser-- egg puffs, bake sale, etc-- blitz in ideas!
       C.       Legacies-- blitz in to sign up if you're interested, thanks to all those who've already signed up! We need people to man the booths, perform, and also help set up and clean up.
       D.       2010 Asian American Women in Leadership-- Boston, this Saturday from 8:30AM-4PM, if you would like to go, blitz "Nora Y."
       E.       Exec Meals-- Sign up to have individual exec meals!
       F.       This Weekend-- Movie Evening! 6:00 Friday: "Infernal Affairs"-- location TBD

       IV.     DCCS Social List-- sign up to be on the DCCS social list!

       V.      Song of the Week-- blitz in your song of the week!

       VI.     Room til 9:30-- we have Collis 212 booked every Monday until 9:30. Feel free to use the room to study!

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