Monday, October 4, 2010

October 4, 2010 Minutes

1.      Icebreaker
If you were an immortal, what would your power/special feature be?
Flo, President, '11, be the lady with the fan and fan people away
Shiaoliu, '12, would shut up all designers
Steph, Treasurer, '12, mind reading
Alice, Secretary, '13, be invincible
Huan, '13, conjure up food
Cody, '13, self-dividing
Jane, '13, teleportation
Eric, '11, copy people's powers
Nozomi, '11, grant people's wishes
Jane, '14, being immune to illness and making sure no one else gets sick
Gavin, '14, needs a chair
Vince, '14, mind reading
Miko, '14, burst into song on command (like a musical) on key
John, PAC rep, '13, "all beauty in the world would have lost its meaning"
Sam, '12, grant wishes
Alice, '14, either wants to fly or become a trippy optical illusion
Audrey, '14, fly and go back in time
Alex, '14, ability to do shape shifting
Peter, '14, make people and time go into slow motion
Uthman, '11, control the weather
Robin, '14, resurrect the dead
Qian, '13, eat and not get fat
Tony, '11, prescience, see the future
Tom, '11, never graduate
Deung, '11, persuasion
Michelle, '14, don't want to be immortal
Kiko, '14, two more hours in a day
Ben, '14, shape shift
Anna, '14, not having to sleep/waste time
Corbin, '12, have the ability to become mortal
Nikolay, '12, Legacies co-chair, Russian superpowers
Frank, '14, cancel all the immortals' powers
Allison, '11, cure other people's vices
Max, '14, make dreams come true
Qianqian, '11, ability to undo things (control+z things)
Hillary, '11, fly
Jingxi, '14, make everyone immortal
Tim, '14, time travel into the future
Yueyue, VP, '12, go inside people's dreams and plant ideas in them
Dan, '14, fly
Karen, '14, fly

       2.      Cooking Lesson Recap
We made dumplings, egg rolls, and coconut pudding! Fun times!!

       3.      Upcoming Events
       a.      Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration
This Saturday, 10/9, CSSA (graduate students' version of DCCS) is having a Mid-Autumn festival in Collis Commonground. Everything is free, there's going to be moon cake and performances. 6:30 is dinner and 7:00 are performances!
       b.      Boston Trip
Saturday 10/23
We're going with DAO. Usually we get dim sum and meet alumns, then enjoy the city all day! If you're driver certified/have a car/both, please blitz in and let us know!
       c.      Legacies
11/6-- major event for the fall
Ticket sales, manning booths, set up/clean up, performances, calligraphy-- volunteers needed to have an awesome time! Blitz in if you would like to help!
       d.      Exec Meal
Blitz in if you would like to have a meal with the exec board this week!

       4.      Song of the Week
Blitz in your Chinese song of the week you'd like to share with everyone to the DCCS account!

       5.      PAC Update
Go to the Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration this Saturday and meet graduate students!
Use the PAC resource room, 1st floor Robo-- check out key from Collis desk and leave your ID

       6.      Freshmen Rep Elections!
Congrats to Emily and Kiko! (:

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