Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March 30, 2011 Minutes

I. Ice breaker:
Two truths and a lie
Yueyue '12-Admin
Team PETER FOR FOOD (Winner)
Betty '14
Frank '14
Peter '14 aka Niu Rou Mien
Gavin '14
Diane '14
Rachael '14
Meeko '14
Emily '14
Tim '14
Grace '14
Jane '14
Dan Grad
Cody '13
Alice '13
Huan '13
Anna '14
Shiraz '07
John '11
Julie '13
Sarah '11
Flo '11
Hilary '11

II. Japanese Earthquake Fundraiser:
-People at Novak from 9-11 taking donations
-Japan relief banquet Next Monday, April 4, 6-8:30 at Collis Commonground
-raffle, legit food, cool stuff

III. Buddy System:
-get to know your buddy
-gelato on Saturday funded by DCCS

IV. APA/Film Series:
-Every Thursday there is a Chinese film showing at 7pm

V. Term Events:
-Roll into Spring
-Family Weekend-Fundraiser
-Boston May 7th

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