Monday, February 28, 2011

February 28, 2011 Minutes

What are your plans for spring break/next term?
Yueyue, 12, President, road trip to somewhere warm (southward), ON
Cody, 13, visit siblings in Wisconsin and California, ON
Huan, 13, PAC rep, go home, ON
Alice, 13, Secretary
Meeko, 14, freshmen rep, visiting Iowa, ON
Eric, 11, home, ON
Diane, 14, couch surf NYC, ON
Rachael, 14, Hawaii, ON
Tim, 14, leave Hanover, ON
Frank, 14, Florida to play cards/check out the girls, ON
Curtis, 14, home, ON
Vince, 14, home, ON
Dan, grad student, go to DC/backpacking in Quebec
Lin, 13, Beijing, Hanover FSP
Kevin, 13, home, OFF, Government FSP to DC
Anna, 14, here, ON
Katherine, 13, treasurer, home/food network/eating, OFF-- French LSA
Gavin, 14, home/DC, ON
John, 13, climbing Kili, OFF in Mexico
Dennis, 12, home, ON
Steph, 12, VP, internship in DC at the Optical Society
Flo, 11, LA/Vegas, ON
Duong, 11, LA/Vegas, ON

Congrats to our new execs:
VP: Alice Liou
SECRETARY: Meeko Winborn
TREASURER: Gavin Huang
FRESHMEN REPS: Tim Xu and Frank Wang

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