Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February 21, 2011 Minutes

1. ICEBREAKER what is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Yueyue, 12, President, Bonnaroo Buzz
Huan, 13, PAC Rep, strawberry
Lin, 13, vanilla
Stephanie, 12, VP, japanese green tea
Duong, 11, girl scout cookie ice cream
Diane, 14, red bean and green tea
Meeko, 14, freshmen rep, cookie dough and phish food
Rachael, 14, red bean and half baked
Dan, grad student, coconut pineapple and pistachio
Shangguan, 13, japanese green tea
Karima, 14, red bean and mint chocolate chip
Katherine, 13, treasurer, rocky road
Gavin, 14, green tea
Alice, 13, secretary, cookies an
John, 13, strawberry cheesecake
Cody, 13, rocky road

2. RECAP DCN (esp. John Guo and Diane) and Hotpot were awesome!

3. PAC Blitz Duong in response to the blitz sent out titled, "ICC: The Administration and YOU!" Your ideas and reflections about diversity are important in gauging the voice of the student body at this important time for the College. Anonymity is welcome. Please reply BY WEDNESDAY NIGHT! Thanks guys!

4. UPCOMING ELECTIONS - next week: VP, Secretary, Treasurer, 2 freshmen reps - upcoming events in the Spring term: Roll into Spring (during Dimensions), Relay for Life, Senior Sendoff - if you would like to run or if you would like to nominate someone for a position, please blitz in your nominations to DCCS and prepare a short speech for the position you are seeking!.

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